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Åbäke (with LPPL)

29.10- 18.12.2021

ÅBÄKE (UK, 2000) trigger a subtle shift in our perception of reality. They question cultural conventions and mechanisms that influence our ways of seeing. OK SASASISES, the title of their first exhibition at Otty Park, plays with the self-evident presence, production and consumption of objects, images and products from our immediate surroundings.


The series of black and white drawings ‘Dans l'espace entre deux étoiles, on ignore qui quitte l'autre (If on waking up it turns out I am a grain of couscous in a box, I hope to be next to you)’ are based on furtive snapshots and recorded instants of people looking at art in museums and galleries. We only see the people, their posture and no longer the art works. The observing, viewing or visual consumption of a work of art can sets off a whole range of questions for the viewer. One which may arise is how the artwork was made. If you look at it from afar, and then close-up, it is possible to more or less guess how the creative process unfolded. Such information is often absent from captions of artworks. They tend to explain the content of the artwork, and not how it came to be.

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